e-Monitoring Vision

The connected universe is here. Not only will personal wireless communications be universal the world over, but every car, truck, trailer, railway, container, home, storage tank, gasoline pump, pipeline, oil well, waterway, water quality station and almost everything else will be "on-line". The plummeting cost of wireless communication links and monitoring hardware will enable connectivity from and to everyone and everything at a cost of pennies per day.

In addition to the proliferation of wireless technology, the Internet has changed just about everything. It's creating whole new ways to run a business from e-commerce to Internet-based software that allows businesses to focus on important parts of their business and not worry about PCs, software upgrades, lost data, system backup and network connections.

Most businesses have made great strides to improve people-to-people communications, but few have realized the cost savings and operational benefits of real-time access to knowledge about the status, operation and location of remote assets and processes.

We intend to meet this need and fundamentally change the way businesses manage and track their remote processes by providing an end-to-end information solution. No hassles. No worries. No brainer.

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