e-Monitoring Transportation Vehicles and Mobile Assets

e-Monitoring Networks provides an Internet-based asset management and tracking system for businesses operating mobile assets like trucks, vans, trailers, containers, railcars, etc. A complete turn-key solution, this e-Monitoring service combines GPS location capability with satellite and ground based wireless communication links to enable you to locate, track and monitor your assets anywhere at any time. The e-Monitoring service is cost effective for one van or for 10,000 trailers. Internet efficiencies, common communications hardware and sharing of infrastructure allow the e-Monitoring service to provide a cost effective solution that will improve operating efficiency and asset productivity for any size business.

Customer Benefits
We provide a complete end-to-end solution for a single monthly fee so there is no hardware to buy, no software to load on your PCs, and no wireless services to evaluate and then integrate into your network. All you need is a PC with Internet access and we do the rest.

The e-Monitoring service is available 24-hours per day and provides regularly scheduled position and status updates. You can see the location of your entire fleet or a single asset in easy-to-view maps. You can run reports by area to see which assets are closest to a customer or which can be re-routed to satisfy a last minute customer request.

The remote equipment also includes optional sensors to monitor the status of your asset or the load being carried. Status sensors include whether the trailer or vehicle is loaded or empty, ambient temperature, pressurization, leakage, door open, and parameter measurements for refrigeration units or other on-board systems.

You also get the ability to create, format, download and print management or compliance reports covering status, history and routes traveled.

The e-Monitoring Network can be used to track and monitor local or national truck fleets, trailers, shipping containers, boats, barges, railcars, locomotives, earth-moving equipment etc. Your application and the level of service you desire will determine the wireless method best suited to obtain the information from the mobile unit.

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