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One of the biggest handicaps in bringing the benefits of automated remote process control to industry has been the lack of a complete end-to-end system that will reliably gather, format, display and store data from remote locations and mobile assets. Our e-Monitoring network provides this low-cost end-to-end service to enable businesses to realize the bottom-line benefits of remote process management.

With our e-Monitoring service, an operations manager responsible for field sites or mobile assets can sign-up for service on Monday and within days his trailers, pipelines, fuel storage tanks or other sites are on-line and providing data to a secure web-based process management system. The manager will not have to hire network engineers nor purchase equipment, application software or communication services. One call to e-Monitoring is all it takes.

We define e-Monitoring as a means to electronically collect data (including video images) and/or location information from remote sites, mobile assets and vehicles and then format that data as useful information using application software available to users via the Internet

Our e-Monitoring service provides wireless data links to the remote and mobile sites and stores incoming data in a secure database. The data is then accessed by web-based application software running at our Gateway Center.

The web-based application software is a customer configured application program that allows the remote process data to be sorted, formatted and displayed in a fashion most useful to the customer. Through this secure web-site, customers will also be able to send polling and other commands to the site, adjust alarm conditions and change the automatic reporting schedule.

Support Products
To support our e-Monitoring service, we also provide business products and communication services to help you take advantage of the Internet and the latest information technology. We deliver exactly what you need to make your organization hum including high-speed DSL Internet access, Internet-ready PCs, local area networks, application software, dedicated customer support and more designed for your company and packaged together with our e-Monitoring service and included in the single monthly fee.

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