e-Monitoring Pipelines

Cathodic Protection systems cannot protect anything while they are not working. Every time a cathodic protection area goes down without your knowledge, corrosion has a window of opportunity to eat away at your company's most valuable assets. If that window stays open for weeks or even months at a time, the level of destruction can be significant.

Periodic site visits and rudimentary monitors just aren't enough. Now there's an efficient and cost effective way to put your corrosion mechanics in the right place at the right time...every time. Instead of playing catch-up weeks and months after a system failure, they'll know about down areas immediately and can resolve the problem before corrosion gets a foothold and before a single contact becomes a nightmare of multiple contacts.

e-Monitoring Networks' cathodic protection monitoring system lets you continuously monitor rectifier sites, anode beds, and test stations throughout your system. You'll get easy to use graphic reports on rectifier voltage and current, pipe to soil, bond, and stray current measurements via phone line, cellular, or radio communication links. Alarm parameters can be individually set in accordance with specific cathodic protection area requirements. e-Monitoring Network's web based software provides an easy to use graphical interface that assures fast, flexible reporting and graphing.

All this functionality with no capital investment in hardware, software or infrastructure resources. e-Monitoring Networks will provide all services including hardware, software, communications 24/7 monitoring and training with maintenance for all aspects for a monthly fee.

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