Petroleum Applications

e-Monitoring Networks provides monitoring and inventory management solutions for refineries, marketers, distributors c-stores, card locks, quick lube stores and garages - the entire supply chain

Our suite of e-Monitoring products and services will give you the ability to manage tank inventories, leak detection, compliance reporting, site surveillance, sales data, dispatch and vehicle location. We gather data from fuel tank gauges, pump controllers, lube tank monitors, leak detector equipment, pump controllers and surveillance cameras using wireless and wire-line communication links. The data is forwarded to our Gateway Center where it is stored in a secure database that is backed up daily. Your private web site protected by password control and encrypted data transfer, gives you the means to review, display, format, download, and print the data from your site.

Currently we are supporting the following services that can be ordered individually or in combination with other services. Click on the links to get further information about these products.

Fuel Management - Real-time fuel inventory information will permit petroleum marketers and retailers to efficiently monitor and control fuel inventories in both above and below ground tanks. Users are automatically notified of overfill, low-product and high water levels.

Leak Detection and Compliance Reporting - Owners of many underground storage tanks (USTs) are faced with mandatory requirements to perform and document on-going leak detection processes. e-Monitoring provides on-line reconciliation reports and certified SIR monitoring and report generation that satisfies government requirements.

Lube Tank Monitoring System - Lubricant distributors, quick-lube stores, garages and car dealerships can monitor bulk lube tank and used-oil tank levels with e-Monitoring's new lube tank monitoring system. We provide the probes, the wireless communication links and the web-based application software. With special access controls, you can share the tank data (and the cost) among distributors, store or garage owners and/or used-oil removal contractors.

Vehicle/Truck Tracking and Routing - With a simple wireless tracking unit installed on each of your trucks and vehicles, you can locate and keep track of your fleet. Secure web software allows you to display the current location of all vehicles on a map as well their load status. Running a history report allows you to retrace the truck routes to determine if and when deliveries were made and to help optimize routing based on experience.

Video Site Surveillance - Many fueling sites are unattended and video monitoring can provide an important means to check on site status and to monitor usage of card readers. Our e-monitoring service provides low frame-rate on-site surveillance cameras and makes the live or recorded images available on your private web site. This video surveillance service also works for stores, garages, storage tanks and refineries.

On-Line Card Lock Transactions - Get convenient on-line access to current and historical card lock transactions on your secure web site. Current card lock transactions can be posted several times per day and you can give your customers access to their transaction data (either with or without pricing). Provide your customers a new and better service options and get a jump on your competitors.

Product Order Entry - Distributors and marketers can add an Order Entry feature to their secure web site that will allow sales personnel or selected customers to enter orders for petroleum and vehicle maintenance items. Orders can be entered from a desktop computer or from the field with a laptop or PDA using wireless networks.

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