e-Monitoring Networks Teams with Ground Water Science Consultants, Inc. to Provide Wireless Monitoring of Critical Underground Texas Petroleum Storage Facility

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - September 15, 2001

e-Monitoring Networks, Inc. ("e-Monitoring") announced today that it has teamed with Ground Water Science Consultants, Inc of The Woodlands Texas to provide an end-to-end real-time ground water monitoring system for an underground petroleum storage facility operated by major oil companies just outside of Houston Texas.

The monitoring system is designed to provide environmental monitoring of the petroleum storage site with real-time ground water data sampled once per minute. Data from the remote sites is forwarded by radio links to a central location where a dedicated high-speed data network then forwards the data to e-Monitoring's Gateway Center. At the Gateway Center the data is processed, formatted and stored in a large database.

Once in the database, sensor data can be accessed, displayed and plotted by means of application software on a secure web site available to authorized users. Changed condition alerts are displayed on the web site as well as sent via email, pagers and FAX to designated parties.

"This new end-to-end system provides a new level of capability for monitoring critical facilities in real time", said Ed Schmidt, President of e-Monitoring Networks. "With this system, changed conditions are detected and instantaneously communicated to the proper authorities before the situation becomes serious - a benefit to the environment and to all parties involved."

Initially the system will monitor six sensors located at strategic points near the storage facility. New sensors can be added to the system at any time should additional detection sites be needed. Once service is activated, the data network and web application software can be easily scaled to handle hundreds of locations and thousands of data points.

About e-Monitoring Networks - e-Monitoring Networks is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions to the environmental monitoring and petroleum distribution industries. These solutions provide worry free monitoring and asset management -- all through wireless technology and the Internet. e-Monitoring electronically collects data (including video images) and/or location information from remote sites, mobile assets and vehicles and then formats that data as useful information using application software available to users via the Internet. The data is then accessed through secure web-based application software running at the company's Gateway Center.

With applications ranging from water level monitoring, storage tank monitoring and leak detection to mobile asset tracking, e-Monitoring Networks helps its customers by reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service. For additional information visit

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