Oregon Water Resources Department Selects e-Monitoring Networks to Provide a Web-Based Stream Level Monitoring Service

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - July 15, 2001

e-Monitoring Networks, Inc. ("e-Monitoring") announced today that it has signed an agreement to provide on-line remote stream level monitoring services for Washington County, District 18 of the Oregon Water Resources Department.

The District 18 Watermaster's Office is a field office of the Oregon Water Resources Department ("OWRD") in cooperation with Washington County, and is responsible for water supply management for the Tualatin, Lake Oswego and Lower Willamette Drainage Basins.

Water level and temperature data from twelve OWRD remote stream and reservoir sites is picked up by e-Monitoring's Gateway Center twice a day and then processed and stored in a large database. The data is then accessed, formatted and displayed using a dedicated e-Monitoring web site available to OWRD personnel and the general public.

In the past, stream data has been gathered by spending many staff hours physically going to the stream locations on a weekly or monthly basis. Now through the combination of stream sensors, a communication network and e-Monitoring's Gateway and web-based application software, OWRD has a complete end-to-end data gathering and reporting system that saves time and money and also provides data in near real-time.

"This service not only saves the Watermaster District many hours of manual data collection but also provides near real-time stream data that allows OWRD to analyze changing water flow and drainage conditions as they occur", said Ed Schmidt, President of e-Monitoring.

New monitoring locations can be added to the system at any time. Once service is activated, the network and web application software can be easily scaled to handle hundreds of locations and millions of data points.

About e-Monitoring Networks - e-Monitoring Networks is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions to the environmental monitoring and petroleum distribution industries. These solutions provide worry free monitoring and asset management -- all through the latest communications technology and the Internet. e-Monitoring electronically collects data (including video images) and/or location information from remote sites, mobile assets and vehicles and then formats that data as useful information using application software available to users via the Internet. The data is then accessed through secure web-based application software running at the company's Gateway Center.

With applications ranging from water level monitoring, storage tank monitoring and leak detection to mobile asset tracking, e-Monitoring Networks helps its customers by reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service. For additional information visit

About the Watermaster Offices of OWRD - The Watermaster's Office is part of the Field Services Division of OWRD and functions as a local contact for landowners, elected officials and watershed councils, as well as other government agencies at the local, state and federal level. In addition, the Watermaster and his or her staff conduct stream flow measurements and maintain gaging stations: conduct well inspections and collect groundwater level data: perform routine dam safety inspections: assist in stream recovery efforts; provide information to landowners and others on water rights and Oregon Water Law, regulate water use during times of shortage and mediate disputes between water users. See to view current stream and reservoir conditions.

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