e-Monitoring Networks Begins Pilot Test of Its Bulk Lubricant Tank Wireless Monitoring System with Southern California Lube Centers

Agreement launches wireless inventory management service for quick lube facilities.

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - July 1, 2002

e-Monitoring Networks, Inc. ("e-Monitoring") announced today an agreement with Southern California Lube Centers ("Southern Lube Centers") of San Diego, California to provide inventory monitoring of bulk lubricant tanks at four of Southern Lube Center's Jiffy Lube stores. The agreement calls for a six-month evaluation of the on-line wireless monitoring system that will enable Southern Lube Centers' management to access tank inventories and perform certain plotting and other usage reconciliation analysis for their stores in the Southern California area.

e-Monitoring provides a complete end-to-end inventory monitoring service that includes tank probes, wireless communication links, data storage and web application software to sort, format, display and download product inventory. The system generates low-product alert emails and will also permit users to accurately reconcile sales tickets and vendor product deliveries against inventory.

At the conclusion of the evaluation period, the program will be expanded to include all of Southern Lube Centers 's 17 Jiffy Lube stores.

"Our product is the first Internet-based affordable petroleum tank inventory system that includes low-cost tank probes and provides a complete end-to-end solution for customers," according to Ed Schmidt, President and CEO of e-Monitoring Networks.

"We have always been interested in technology that can help our business be more efficient and provide better service to our customers" said Jim Neff, General Manager of Southern Lube Centers. "With e-Monitoring's new system, we will be able to reduce inventory costs, improve product reconciliation and ensure no product run-out that in the past has caused us to turn away customers."

About e-Monitoring Networks - e-Monitoring Networks offers end-to-end solutions for worry free compliance monitoring and tank inventory asset management -- all through wireless technology and the Internet. e-Monitoring electronically collects data (including video images) and/or location information from remote sites, mobile assets and vehicles and then formats that data as useful information using application software available to users via the Internet. The data is then accessed through web-based application software running at the company's Gateway Center.

With applications ranging from storage tank monitoring and leak detection to mobile asset tracking, e-Monitoring Networks boosts its customers' bottom line by reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service. For additional information visit

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