e-Monitoring Networks Adds Video Monitoring to Suite of Services Being Provided to SKS Oil, Inc.

San Diego, CA   (February 1, 2002)   e-Monitoring Networks; Inc. ("e-Monitoring") announced today that it was adding video monitoring services to the fuel inventory management and compliance monitoring services currently being provided by e-Monitoring to SKS, Inc. ("SKS"). SKS operates 12 unattended Pacific Pride card-lock commercial fueling sites in the Southern California area.

The video monitoring links will permit SKS to view live and recorded video images from these 24/7 fueling locations. This feature will enable SKS (and its customers) to determine the identity of drivers and vehicles using the fueling cards. Video images can be matched to card usage and viewed via web software anywhere SKS has Internet access. Andy Thweatt, Executive Vice President of SKS said "This feature enables us to check the identities of drivers for our customers and monitor use of fueling cards on-line. This helps our customers limit unauthorized card use and save money."

Currently commercial fueling card-lock site video monitoring is done by VCR based systems. VCR systems provide some benefits but videotapes are difficult to search and systems can be expensive to maintain and in many cases are prone to failure. Ed Schmidt, President of e-Monitoring said "On-line monitoring eliminates these problems by transferring digital images and card transaction data to a central secure database and then providing on-line access to the data and images via a private web site."

On-line card usage tied to corresponding video images allow operators and their customers to view transactions within moments after they occur as well as allowing users to instantly search through and view video associated with card usage from the previous 90-day period.

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