e-Monitoring Networks To Provide Web-Based Order Entry and On-Line Catalog Services for SKS, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - January 15, 2002

e-Monitoring Networks, Inc. ("e-Monitoring") announced today that SKS, Inc. has extended its current Internet-based fuel management service agreement with e-Monitoring to add on-line catalog and order entry features to SKS's private web site. The order entry and catalog features will be developed by e-Monitoring and integrated with the fuel management and other web business software hosted by e-Monitoring for SKS. The on-line catalog, featuring over 800 petroleum and vehicle service products carried by SKS, will be accessible by SKS's preferred customers and salesmen using standard desk top computers and laptops as well as the latest web-enabled wireless devices such as cell phones and PDA's.

Andy Thweatt, Executive Vice President of SKS, said "This new e-business solution will give our customers and salesmen the ability to enter orders, check order status and look-up previous orders on a secure basis using a standard Internet connection and browser software. With this technology, SKS will be able to provide its customers with a superior service that will save everyone time and money."

About e-Monitoring Networks - e-Monitoring Networks is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions to the petroleum distribution industry. These solutions provide worry free compliance monitoring and asset management -- all through wireless technology and the Internet. e-Monitoring electronically collects data (including video images) and/or location information from remote sites, mobile assets and vehicles and then formats that data as useful information using application software available to users via the Internet. The data is then accessed through web-based application software running at the company's Gateway Center.

The web-based application software is a customer configured application program that allows the incoming data to be sorted, formatted and displayed in a fashion most useful to the customer. Through this secure web site, customers will also be able to send polling and other commands to the site, adjust alarm conditions and change the automatic reporting schedule.

With applications ranging from storage tank monitoring and leak detection to mobile asset tracking, e-Monitoring Networks boosts its customers' bottom line by reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service. For additional information visit

About SKS - SKS, Inc. is one of Southern California's leading independent commercial fueling and lubricant distributors. SKS has been providing award-winning customer service, superior technical support, state-of-the-art equipment and industry know-how for over three decades.

SKS has grown to represent the finest in petroleum and lubricant products and services including Chevron and Valvoline products. SKS operates 12 Pacific Pride commercial fueling sites serving over 4000 businesses in California. For additional information visit

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