e-Monitoring Environmental Instruments

Historically real-time weather and environmental measurements collected at remote locations were not readily available or easily available without extended hardware integration and software development.

Real-time access to such measurements has been primarily limited to organizations with a specialized technical staff capable of installing, operating and maintaining the sensors, data-loggers and back end software. In most cases, data collection was still performed manually with field visits.

e-Monitoring Networks offers full services to bring the remote site data to your PC via our web based applications. No hardware or software investment is needed. There's no need to purchase sensors, data-loggers, communications equipment, customized software or perform site installation and system integration. The only equipment needed to access the data is a web browser and web appliance which we can also supply. All this worry free data delivery is provided by e-Monitoring Networks for a monthly fee.

Check out a sample application by clicking this link.

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